About me

Rommel Feria is a dedicated quantum mechanics expert, specializing in the intricate realm of time travel. With an exceptionally curious spirit, he constantly aligns his professional and personal lives in his quest for groundbreaking scientific discoveries. As a devoted husband and father to five children, he is able to foster creativity within his family while maintaining a nurturing environment for his three beloved dogs. Rommel's penchant for adventure extends well beyond his family life, as he actively engages in outdoor activities such as rock climbing and archery, further satisfying his thirst for discovery and exploration.

Rommel's pioneering work at Quantum Leap Labs is truly unparalleled, as he is instrumental in steering the development of time travel technology. Collaborating with esteemed physicists Gustano Procopio, PhD, and Xena Gabrielle Tan, DSc., Rommel has laid the foundation for unlocking the secrets of traversing time. Through countless trials and unyielding commitment, Feria and his team are steadily paving the way to make time travel not just an enigma of science fiction, but a tangible reality.

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